Results for: Applied Mathematics

Senior Honors Thesis: "Modeling the Spread of Amyloid in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease"

Yuanqing Jin
Ridgley Hall, Room 219

Senior Honors Thesis Presentation: "Elements of the Mathematical Model of Quantum Mechanics"

Keunjae Go
Cupples I, Room 215

Szego Seminar: "The Minimum Sizes of Separating and Splitting Families"

Cody Stockdale
Cupples I, Room 199

Colloquium: "Classification of Non-Random Rational Functions, with Applications"

Michael Zieve, University of Michigan
Cupples I, Room 199

Colloquium: "Fluid Flow Through Deformable Porous Media: Analysis and Applications"

Giovanna Guidoboni, Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis
Cupples I, Room 199

Senior Honors Thesis: "Numerical Methods for Solving the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations"

Zhengdao Chen, Washington University in Saint Louis
Cupples I, Room 8

Colloquium: "Image Reconstruction Methods for Photoacoustic Computed Tomography in Heterogeneous Media with Application to Experimental Data"

Mark Anastasio, Washington University in St. Louis
Cupples I, Room 199

Houston Kirk Colloquium: "The Polynomial Method"

Marina Iliopoulou, University of California-Berkeley
Cupples I, room 199

Statistics Seminar: "Philosophy of Science, Statistics, and Data Science"

Todd Kuffner, Washington University in Saint Louis
Cupples I, Room 199

Endowed Lectures

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics hosts three endowed lecture series.

Endowed Lecture Series