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Undergraduate Program

Studying Mathematics and Statistics at WashU

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is committed to providing a setting that fosters excellence in teaching, learning and research, and that communicates to students the beauty and excitement of mathematics. The department reaches nearly 5,000 students each year, teaching more student hours in the fall semester than any other department in Arts & Sciences. 

Mathematics has always held a central position in the liberal arts, and over time it has also come to play an important role in more and more aspects of our lives. Mathematical analysis and modeling are involved in many areas, far beyond the traditional association of mathematics with the physical sciences and engineering. This fact is reflected in the diversity of the students who study at least some mathematics during their time at Washington University — students who recognize the importance of quantitative skills in a world that becomes more and more technological.

Academic Highlights

Within a mathematics major or minor, there are many opportunities to follow your own interests and aspirations. The department offers: 

Degree Programs & Honors

Majors and Minors in Mathematics and Statistics

Majors and Minors in our Department, including Majors joint with Computer Science and Economics.

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Honors Programs

There are myriad ways to earn special recognition for your work with Mathematics & Statistics. Options include the Distinction in Mathematics Awards, Latin Honors, the Honors Thesis, Departmental Prizes, the First-Year Honors Mathematical Sequence, and the Honors Program in Statistics.

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Accelerated AB/Master's Program

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences has an accelerated AB/Master's program in which highly qualified undergraduate majors can earn both the AB and AM degrees with two additional semesters work (usually a total of 5 years). The department offers the AM degree in mathematics or statistics.

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clubs & opportunities

Women in Math

Learn more about resources to support women and gender equality in STEM at WashU.

Women in Math

Study Abroad

A select number of international programs in English are specifically geared to mathematics students.

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A summer internship can be a good addition to your resume and a chance to see whether you might like working in a certain field. Visit the Career Center to find possible internships that spark your interest.

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Math Competitions

Teams of WashU students compete in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition in the fall and the Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition in the spring.

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Math Circle

Share your love of math with middle school and high school students! Our department's Math Circle is part of a nationwide math outreach program. 

Math Circle

Deepen Teaching Experience

Offer to work as a grader for a course (best time to ask is in the mid to late summer), or as a Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) group leader (apply in March for the following academic year).

PLTL Program

Incoming Student Information

Details about AP placement credit, the calculus placement exam, info for transfer students, and more.

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates can pursue research opportunities during the summer or the academic year. Students with a proven record of strong mathematical skills and who are motivated to carry out research in areas with substantial mathematical content also may apply to the Freiwald Scholars Program.

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School Outreach

Blake Thornton shares how WashU's Math Circle program is helping make math fun for local students.

I started at WashU knowing I was interested in math, but I wasn't sure how I could make that into a career. The department not only helped me find the area of math I'm most passionate about, but also guided me in finding opportunities to pursue it further. Along the way I've made a lot of great relationships with professors, advisors, and other majors in the department, which has been one of the best parts of my undergrad experience!

―Ryan SchneiderMathematics Major

Have questions? 

For more information about undergraduate study in mathematics, reach out to the associate director of undergraduate studies. 

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