Calculus Students

Find Tools and Resources to help you ace calculus

All mathematics students at Washington University take calculus classes, and we want you to succeed. Please become aware of the resources available to you.


Department Resources

  • Visit your instructor's office hours. These are generally posted on the course webpage.
  • Use the Calculus Help Room. Graduate Student Assistant to the Instructors (AIs) for the Calculus courses (127,128,131,132, 233) hold office hours in this room. These AIs are also available for help for any student who comes to the Calculus Help Room.
  • Make an appointment with your instructor or AI. 
  • Find a math tutor. There is a list of tutors available in the department's main office: Cupples I, Room 100.

University Resources

  • The Learning Center: Offers support to students in Calculus I, II, and III through Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), Residential Peer Mentors (RPMs), and Academic Mentors.
  • Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL): PLTL groups typically consist of 6-8 students who work together to solve problems and are facilitated by a peer leader. Students can join PLTL groups at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Groups begin meeting the weekend following the second week of classes. Available for Math 131, 132, and 233 only. 
  • Engineering Student Services: Engineering students can find tutoring and support for their courses, including calculus.