David Wright

​Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics
PhD, Columbia University
research interests:
  • Affine Algebraic Geometry and Polynomial Automorphisms
  • Geometry of Affine n-Space
  • Properties that Characterize Polynomial Rings
  • Properties that Characterize Variables
  • The Structure of Polynomial Automorphism Groups
  • Formal Inverse
  • The Jacobian Conjecture
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    • Washington University
    • CB 1146
    • One Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    ​Professor Wright’s research interests include polynomial automorphisms and affine algebraic geometry. A musician as well as a mathematician, he designed the course “Mathematics and Music.”  

    Wright's research interests include geometry of affine n-space, properties that characterize polynomial rings, properties that characterize variables, the structure of polynomial automorphism groups, formal inverse, and the Jacobian Conjecture and related issues.