Real Mathematical Applications: Solving Problems with Calculus I


This is a one credit course, that can only be taken concurrently with Math 131, Calculus I. The purpose of the course is to show how mathematics can solve real world problems, and how calculus dramatically expands the range of problems that can be tackled. Each class will be devoted to the analysis of some problems, which may include: dimensional analysis, the mathematics of convoys, Fibonacci numbers, fractals, linear regression, Euclid's algorithm, Stein's algorithm, network capacities, Braess's paradox, Galton's approach to surnames, how genes spread through populations, SIR model of infectious diseases. The first few classes will not use differentiation. Must be taken concurrently with Math 131. Course enrollment preference is given to first-year students.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; FYO