Fall 2023 Virtual Canvas Tech Training Co-Sponsored Events

Fall Virtual Conversations Sessions: Cohosted by Dr. Tiffany Lang, Instructional Designer & Canvas Administrator and Dr. Sally Wu, Assistant Director for Educational Technology


Canvas Modules - Tuesday 8/22 10am - 10:30am 
Reduce emails about “How do I find Assignment X?” or “What is due this week?” with structures built into Canvas that can help students navigate your class and be prepared to engage with your course before and after class. You will experience challenges that students face by being a student in a new Canvas course and get ideas on how you can organize your own classes with Canvas Modules and Pages. In this session co-facilitated by two specialists who are also instructors and course designers, you will leave with specific ideas and tips that will help you and your students prepare for the classes ahead.

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Canvas Gradebook - Thursday 8/24 2pm - 2:30pm 
Grades and other types of feedback provide structure and support that help students learn in your courses. However, it can become a time drain without a grading system that helps clarify the assignment expectations and streamline feedback. This session will provide you with tips for utilizing the features in Canvas Gradebook to speed up grading and help improve student assignments.

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For questions about this event, contact Dr. Sally Wu, Assistant Director for Educational Technology.