Multivariate Statistical Analysis


A modern course in multivariate statistics. Elements of classical multivariate analysis as needed, including multivariate normal and Wishart distributions. Clustering; principal component analysis. Model selection and evaluation; prediction error; variable selection; stepwise regression; regularized regression. Cross-validation. Classification; linear discriminant analysis. Tree-based methods. Time permitting, optional topics may include nonparametric density estimation, multivariate regression, support vector machines, and random forests. Prerequisite: Multivariable calculus (Math 233), linear or matrix algebra (Math 429 or Math 309), multivariable-calculus-based probability and mathematical statistics (Math 493, Math 494) and linear models (Math 439). Prior knowledge of R at the level introduced in Math 439 is assumed.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; AS NSM

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Multivariate Statistical Analysis
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