Undergraduate Seminar and Szego Seminar: "Featuring Truth Values"

Speaker: Gioia De Cari, Truth Values Community

Abstract: Performing artist, women’s equality activist, and former mathematician Gioia De Cari was recently featured in the Association for Women in Mathematics's We Speak series in "Perspectives on Women in STEM from a 'Recovering Mathematician.'" She will discuss her work creating the play and soon-to-be film Truth Values: One Girl's Romp Through M.I.T.'s Male Math Maze and founding the Truth Values Community, which aims to create a profoundly supportive environment for women in STEM through an innovative pairing of science and the arts. You can learn more about Truth Values and the Truth Values Community here: https://www.truthvalues.org/ and Gioia De Cari here: www.GioiaDeCari.com. Anyone is welcome to attend this talk.

Host: Adeli Hutton