Szego Seminar: "Summer Internships for Math Grad Students: Internship Reports and Information Session"

Speaker: Luke Leisman, INMAS

Abstract: Are you potentially interested in careers in business, industry, or government (BIG)? Come hear about summer 2022 internship experiences through the Internship Network in the Mathematical Sciences (Inmas) program, and how the program can help you prepare for your career in the coming years. Associate director Dr. Luke Leisman, will share about upcoming training and industry opportunities and Wash U grad students will share about their internship experiences.

Inmas is an NSF-funded, multi-university initiative that has as its mission to provide high-quality training and internship experiences that broaden career opportunities for graduate students in the Mathematical Sciences. A key goal is to demonstrate the value that mathematicians can add to organizations that might not have large established internship programs already.

Host: Jeremy Cummings