Szego Seminar: "Characterization of B-Series as affine equivariant methods"

Speaker: Sanah Suri, Washington University Saint Louis

Abstract: For a differential equation y’ = f(y), the B-Series or Butcher series of y is a power series involving rooted trees and elementary differentials of f.  B-Series allow us to develop broader classes of methods and study their properties. McLachlan, Munthe-Kaas, Modin and Verdier characterized B-Series methods exactly as affine equivariant methods i.e. preserving affine maps between affine spaces. This was done by developing theory around affine equivariance and integrator maps, rather than integration methods. This talk will cover an introduction to what B-Series methods are and an overview of their characterization as affine equivariant methods.

Host: Jeremy Cummings