Geometry and Topology Seminar: "A diffeological approach to solving the integration problem"

Speaker: Joel Villatoro, Washington University in Saint Louis

Abstract: In the theory of Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids, there is a procedure for differentiating a Lie groupoid to result in a Lie algebroid. This process is very much analogous to the construction of a Lie algebra from a Lie group. From this analogy, it is reasonable to ask whether or not it is possible to construct a Lie groupoid given the data of a Lie algebroid in much the same manner that you do for Lie algebras. In fact, it turns out that this is not possible due to the fact that integration procedure results in something that is not quite a manifold. In this talk I will discuss an approach to patching this problem using diffeological spaces which are a generalization of smooth manifolds.

Host: Michael Landry