Combinatorics Seminar/3rd Year Candidacy Requirement: A hero's journey through Springer's quest

Speaker: Cristina Sabando Alvarez, Washington University in St. Louis


In this talk we will share the journey of a misunderstood hero: The Springer fiber, $\mathcal{B}_x$.

Set in the vast land of the Flag Variety, our hero is content building bridges between Geometry and Representation theory land every day. That is, until their father gives them a quest.

We follow $\mathcal{B}_x$ as they embark on a journey to answer Springer's quest to find nonnegative integers to express the homology classes of its irreducible components in terms of the land's idol: Schubert classes.

Join us as we see our hero advance with help of mathematicians along the way and hopefully help them unlock a new level in the quest to answer Springer's call.

Advisor: Martha Precup