AAG Seminar/Colloquia: Fano 3-folds: mirror symmetry and classification

Speaker: Alessio Corti, Imperial College London

Abstract: Fano varieties are a special class of projective varieties that have a special place in algebraic geometry for several reasons, including the minimal model program. It is known that, in each dimension, the number of deformation classes of Fano manifolds is finite. Fano manifolds of dimension 2 were completely understood at the end of the 19th century, but the classification of smooth Fano 3-folds was only completed by Mori and Mukai in the 1980s. At present, a classification of smooth Fano 4-folds seems out of reach. I will introduce Fano varieties and outline an approach to the classification problem based on mirror symmetry.

Host: Matt Kerr

Tea reception beforehand at 3:30 in the Lounge (Cupples I, Room 200).