Colloquium: "On singular Brascamp-Lieb inequalities"

Speaker: Polona Durcik, Caltech

Abstract: Brascamp-Lieb inequalities are Lp estimates for certain multilinear integral forms on functions on Euclidean spaces. They generalize several classical inequalities, such as Hoelder's inequality or Young's convolution inequality. The area of Brascamp-Lieb inequalities is well understood. In this talk we focus on singular Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, which arise when one of the functions in a Brascamp-Lieb integral is replaced by a singular integral kernel. Singular Brascamp-Lieb integrals are much less understood than their non-singular variants. We give an overview of some results and open problems, and discuss applications to certain questions in ergodic theory and Euclidean Ramsey theory.

Host: Brett Wick

Tea will be served @ 3:30 in room 200.