Analysis Seminar: "Sparse Domination Results for Compactness on Weighted Spaces"

Speaker: Cody Stockdale, Washington University in Saint Louis

Abstract: The fact that Calderón-Zygmund singular integral operators extend boundedly on $L^p(\mathbb{R}^n)$ for $1<p<\infty$ is of central importance in harmonic analysis. The study of corresponding boundedness properties on weighted spaces has been of more recent interest. Within the last decade, optimal weighted bounds for Calderón-Zygmund operators have been understood by using sparse domination techniques. In addition to this theory concerning boundedness of Calderón-Zygmund operators, a theory for compactness of these operators has recently been established. In this talk, we present the extension of compact Calderón-Zygmund theory to weighted spaces using sparse domination methods. This work is joint with Paco Villarroya and Brett Wick.

Host: Brett Wick

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