Analysis Seminar: L^p Estimates for the Bergman Projection on Some Reinhardt Domains"

Zhenghui Huo, Washington University in Saint Louis

Abstract: Let $\Omega\subseteq C^n$ be a bounded domain. The Bergman projection is the orthogonal projection from $L^2(\Omega)$ onto the closed subspace of square-integrable holomorphic functions, and thus is bounded on $L^2$. It is natural to ask when it is bounded on $L^p$ for $p\neq 2$. 

In this talk, I'll talk about $L^p$ regularity result I obtained for the Bergman projection on some Reinhardt domains. We start with a bounded initial domain $\Omega$ with some symmetry properties and generate successor domains in higher dimensional spaces. We prove: If the Bergman kernel on $\Omega$ satisfies appropriate estimates, then the Bergman projection on the successor is $L^p$ bounded. For example, the Bergman projection on successors of strictly pseudoconvex initial domains is bounded in $L^p$ for $1<p<\infty$. The successor domains need not have smooth boundary nor be strictly pseudoconvex.

Host: John McCarthy